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"Sunday" by Hurts / Outfit #5

I found a cafe in Varsovia with some funny cupcakes
It was Sunday afternoon and I was wondering about some photo shoots... ( there were taken ones long time ago). We went for a walk (I have sandals with me too) before it got rained.

I decided to mix green neon platforms with green lycra socks. Blue blazer (Top Secret) and neon green t-shirt with some flower sequines at petals (płatki). application.  I love this kinda shirts becuase of its juicy, intensive color.

I rarely wear white shorts but... I explore that they really fit in with neon elements.

I bought blue watch's belt and new colorful hoop
 to make some new combintations with DejaVu Watch:

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hair style and make-up: by me 
blue blazer: TOP SECRET 
t-shirt: UnitedColorsOfBenneton
shorts: online shop
bag: no name
watch: DejaVu Zegarki
brooch: Horse - Viva!
brancelet: Desir Paris


7 komentarzy:

  1. Pięknie wyglądasz ;) Naprawdę widzę że świetnie się odnajdujesz w tych kolorach!

    1. dziękuję! :> to twarzowe i mocne kolory, lubie takie!

  2. Świetnie wyglądasz, piękny makeup :)

  3. Fabulous girly colorful day dresses. The print and pale colors act as the perfect contrast to the pump shoes. It's all about mixing it up as we edge closer to the colder seasons but can't wait any longer to try the a/w trends!


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