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Life is full of colours - orange fusion & #KENZOLOVESVITKAC

#inspiration via @leicahunter

The official opening of the pop-up store Kenzo in Warsaw was full of stripes! 

It was unusual that guests were very nice and smiling during the evening. We have a chance to see the newest Kenzo's collection and also the official opening of the brand new butiqe.
During the evening there was the contest #KENZOLOVESVITKAC and guests had to take photos at photocall background (specjalna ścianka). Congratulations for the winner - he get some gifts worth 2000 zł. 

Karolina Malinowska was wearing sporty stylization #set with #Kenzo's blouse.Olivier Janiak decided to wear the black suit, so it was black totallook :) They were looking stunning!                                                                                        As always, very beautiful couple! 
Karolina Malinowska i Olivier Janiak | Foto: I. Marchwiana

The evening couldn't run without Joanna Horodyńska in Kenzo's striped boho-poncho and mini-skirt.

Tomasz Jacyków got dressed the sport-coat and as always - the cup! This time with American flag pattern! @_@

Marta Dyks also came and she was in classic black dress, her hairstyle was very spontanous.

Crazy and energetic Michał Piróg wore
the red baseball jacket and black trousers. Musican, DJ Adamus, was wearing black leather jacket, cup, darken jeans and of course his white glasses! :)

After 21:00 pm Maja Sablewska and her boyfriend had come at Bracka 9 in Warsaw. Maja chose blue hat and darken look - trousers and leather jacket.

This beautiful blue flowers caught my eye!

I met few friends: Igor Rądlewski, Adrian Nychnerewicz and met new ones: Asia (from Social Media team in Vitkac), Anna (PR Manager of Vitkac, Karolina @kimstawska, Maciek, @followmyfashioninstinct and others! 

Stay tuned, fresh snaps are only few hours via @ trendspy account, so: 

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P.S. My little post throwback with new photos /Powrót do przeszłości, post uzupełniony o nowe zdjęcia: 


I wanted orange energy yesterday, so I completed stylization with orange maxi skirt. Here you are - details:  #SKIRT #ANSWEARcom #SWEATER no name #BAG Barata & Ramilo S.A. #NECKLACE & #EARRINGS no name #WATCH Dejavu dejavu_zegarki

                                 In the kingdom of the shoes, heels and...                           

Adria n N. has been ca ught by me while making the group selfie! :D Adrian, Natalia Hołownia, Joanna Horodyńska,                                                                         Tomasz Jacyków and Maciej Majzner                                                                             

See below  the Tadashi S. SS16 fashion show at New York Fashion Week, 10th September. The video is the courtesy of NYFW 

Meet The Minionistas! Gif is made by me, but the Minions content is from stylight.co. uk. Do you have your favourite one? Which Minion do you like the most? There is also the Bloggers' edition. Victoria Beckham looks great :)