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Satirist's view of Golden Globes

  Golden Globes w krzywym zwierciadle  

photosource: ndtv.com | comics: @trendspy_ @fpassioninfo


Keira Knightley is inspired by Jane Austin... for sure! Catherine Zeta-Jones is a big fan of salsa dancing! These Stars rocks red carpet tonight! 

Catherine is a wonderful dancer, for sure! That's why little Benny asked her to dance...  "When I saw her dancing with Antonio Banderas... I start to dreaming about it", he said. Finally, the Golden Globes had been finished but... they still have been dancing until the sun rised up! 

Oh... what a night!

This is fun, man! | by @trendspy_

Catherine Zeta-Jones. Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images/AFP 

The dancer emoji - emoji. com | source: Supplied

 Little funny mems #memes #mems #viral_graphs #viral

Kerry Washington as a Tuna the dog | fb: Tuna melts my heart

Lana as a Little Syrene | latintimes-com

Lana Del Ray *source: latintimes-com

Prince | *source: latintimes-com

Rosamund Pike | *source: latintimes-com
                     Meme (mem) of +Lana Del Rey  was made by +UnicornLolita 

And after all... this Globby Fuss,

Let's dance salsa&read 

+Jane Austen Jane's Austen book! 

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